About Us

"TECAS International", a sister concern of TECAS- Group, was the first education concerned, officially registered firm in the Republic of Kazakhstan, registered in the Ministry of Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan under No. 8672-1917-TOO (HY), License No. AA 000263 of the ministry of labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan).


The main objective of the registration of the firm was to offer the foreign students the high potential and source of the education, which rests on the existing structural potential built up over the USSR period and the new set up structures set up by the top leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During our operation with various institutions of the CIS Republics for the professional studies for so many years, the successful experiment with the introduction of studies in English medium in the Semipalatinsk Govt. Medical University jointly with the higher authorities of the University, which is already being carried out successfully for the last 13 years, made the same institution the only government Medical institution of its kind in central Asia. Besides by ourjoint efforts, the State Medical University- Semey has became one among the leading Institutions in the country for the number of foreign students in it. After the observation of the successful result of this experiment ” TECAS International” accepted the offer of the joint venture for introducing the English medium and taking the task of the selection of eligible foreign candidates for their admission in other Government institutions in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan’s Educational Institutions have become the cheap and best options for the Candidates from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc., seeking admissions abroad. International student exchange is being actively supported by the government of Kazakhstan.

13 Years Experience
7+ University

At present about 45000 foreign students from 43 countries of the world study at 51 educational establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2000-3000 Indian and about almost an a significant number of students from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Phalestine, Jordan, Morocco, EU & other coubtries get admitted in the various institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan every year. Most of them study at the various Medical institutions of the Republic. TECAS International presently admits the students from above said countries in these institutions directly as well as indirectly through partners & sister concern organizations. This is intended to give you the necessary background information regarding the country and the respective institutions as well and we look forward to be of service to you for your fruitful education and your service to mankind in future.